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Environmental Protection Eco-friendly Evaporative Air Cooler


Since the global warming, the summer temperatures continue rising. Use environmental protection eco-friendly evaporative air coolers can make us more cool and comfortable in summer.

Xingke air cooler has the advantages of healthy environmental protection energy conservation and green security. The system uses water as refrigerant. So there are no environmental pollution problems, in the process of manufacture or use. Environmental protection evaporative air cooler  in the water not only reduce the outside air temperature, but also has clean air outside carry dust and particles, purifying air effectively, so the energy conservation, environmental protection eco-friendly evaporative air cooler can effectively prevent the incidence of occupational diseases and the spread of epidemic diseases to some extent to protect the staff's physical and mental health and solve the concerned problems of the enterprise. Especially like electronics factory, enterprise which has a strong smell needs more energy conservation and environmental protection evaporative air coolers. Xingke evaporative air cooler , not only the price is very reasonable but also we can meet all of the demands and solve problems effectively. 


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