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How to install

Now, evaporative air cooler become more popularity, more and more people choose to use air cooler in the summer. How much do you know about the desert air cooler ?

It is Industrial air cooler installation location in your home right? Let us look at how to install Industrial evaporative air cooler to make the most out of environmental features.

After some consumers buy warehouse evaporative air cooler, when it is installing, they often only consider the appearance or convenience factors, require the installer to install the air-conditioned environment to an unreasonable position. This approach is likely to cause many problems in the use of environmentally friendly industrial evaporative water air conditioning .

According to Star Scientific environmental conditioning professionals, environmental air conditioner outdoor unit should be installed in more air to flow unobstructed location, otherwise it is likely to cause particular environmental conditioning shortened life expectancy, increase power ring, reduce guaranteed performance, and may even make green air conditioning situation completely unable to work properly. 

It is best to read the instructions carefully when installing wall mounted evaporative air cooler and accept the master's recommendations. 

Installation technology requirements:

1. Brackets welding and mounting should be firm.

2. The platform must be able to support the weight of crew and maintenance personnel.

3. The installation must be level.

4. Flanges and air bend section must be flush.

5. Must do waterproofing treatment for exterior wall duct.

6. The junction box must be installed by the temple, easy on maintenance.


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