When use environmental air cooler

When use environmental air cooler

news1.jpgXingke air cooler has good adjust the indoor temperature effect. Humidity adjustment effect of Xingke air cooler is also very obvious. 

When use environmental air cooler, it needs to keep air flow environment. But in this procedure, the doors and windows should be kept close which need environmental air cooler, that can force air flow into workshop from air inlet side and will make ventilation cooling effect more obvious. Actually when using environmental air cooler, air always will flow into workshop from air inlet side orderly, get though workshop, then discharge by environmental air cooler, so it will always keep nature cooling wind in workshop, increase workshop air oxygen volume, finally improve staff working efficiency. 

Xingke air cooler has strong technical force, professional program design and advanced detection equipment. Company management also has efficient information exchange and modern management system. Choose Xingke is equal to choose quality.


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